Most frequently used in LED lenses due to clarity and performance


  • Clear – Used in optical and Fresnel lenses.
  • Frosted – Used to help hide the hot spots from LED diodes.  Our frosted materials also have similar light transmission to clear acrylic, but have a textured, matte finish.
  • Diffuse – Similar to frosted, but with a smooth texture.  Diffuse can help hide diodes better than frosted, but can significantly decrease light transmission.
  • Impact modified – Impact modified acrylic helps make the lens more flexible, which is important when snapping into the aluminum frame.  Impact modified also helps prevent cracking and splintering overtime in outside applications.  Impact modified acrylics are available in clear, frosted and diffuse grades.


  • Optical grade for clarity
  • Polycarbonate is much harder than acrylic, but can yellow over time especially in outside conditions
  • We have several diffusion options we can blend with polycarbonate to help achieve light transmission and hiding power