New Product Development

Design Review


First Article Inspection (FAI)


Product Development Sketches

Have a sketch, note or just an idea, that’s all we need to get started? Our team of experts is ready to help you with your custom product design. Our new product development process is designed to guide you through every step of the process, from discovery to production. Below is a brief overview of the key phases of our process.  To request a quote or start a project, please click here.

Discovery: This phase involves a preliminary discussion about the application and end use of the product, including any mating parts. We will also discuss the capabilities necessary to meet your customer success criteria.

Design Review: Our engineering team will review the profile design and provide design guidance on extrudability; however, ownership of product design remains with the customer. During this phase, we have a more detailed discussion on materials, color selection, value-added services, labeling, packaging, and transportation requirements. We can also print 3D models for samples.

Proposal: After the design review, we will provide a proposal that includes pricing and lead times for the product. The proposal will include: profile quotes by run size, color and compound; tooling quotes, including first article samples; and value-added quotes, including custom equipment, fabrication, and kitting.

First Article Inspection (FAI): After customer approval of the proposal, we will proceed with the FAI process. This includes: customer and Reeves sign off on design drawing, including critical dimensions; submittal of purchase orders to Reeves; ordering of tooling and raw materials, including compound, colorant and boxes; testing and tuning of tooling; establishing quality documents; and testing of shipping configurations.

Production: Finally, we will set up the ERP and bill of materials (BOM), establish the raw materials supply chain, review the demand forecast, and proceed with production after receiving the purchase order.