Reduce Led Lens Shadows With New Reeves Diffuse White!


We constantly look for new ways to improve the performance of your LEDs lenses.  Reeves White does a great job keeping light transmission high vs other white colorants, but certain profile designs tend to create shadows or dark areas.  Reeves’ new Diffuse White helps eliminate shadows caused by corners and intersections.

In the examples below, we compare our Reeves White to Reeves Diffuse White.  Both have a great white glow with great light transmission, but the Diffuse White helps reduce and almost eliminate shadows caused by corners or legs intersecting the lens.  Since we blend formulations on site, Diffuse White is an easy addition to any current formulation.  



Thick Corners
(Pictured below is a 2.00” OD square tube with 0.250” wall)

Leg Intersection

(Pictured below is a 0.060” wall where the lens is wider than the legs)


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