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Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process in which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous shape, typically in the form of a profile, tube, sheet, or rod. The material is fed into a machine called an extruder, where it is heated and forced through a die to create the desired shape. The extruded product is then cooled and cut to the desired length. It is a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient process used to make a wide variety of products.

Reeves offers the following types of extrusion capabilities:


1. Mono-Extrusion Shapes

Mono Extrusion is a type of plastic extrusion where only a single material is used to create the finished product.


2. Co-Extrusion

Co-extrusion is a type of plastic extrusion where two or more materials are simultaneously extruded and combined to create a single finished product. This process allows for a variety of unique material combinations to achieve specific end-use properties. The materials are fed into separate extruders and are then combined at a specific point before being extruded through a common die. The materials may be layered in different ways to achieve specific properties or visual effects.  We frequently improve the light transmission of LED diffusers and lenses by coextruding the legs in highly reflective white and the lens in frosted acrylic.


3. Skim Coat

Skim coating is a process that involves applying a thin layer, or "capstock," of a different material over the surface of the core material as the product is being extruded. The capstock material is usually a thermoplastic polymer with a different composition, which can add desired properties like UV resistance, weatherability, gloss, texture and chemical resistance. We frequently skim coat a texture on certain profiles to mimic sandblasting.

Reeves has 8 extruders and 2 co-extruders of various sizes to handle your large and small jobs. Here is a brief overview of our equipment:

Screw Type Size (Inches) Count
Single Screw 3.50" 5
Single Screw 2.50" 2
Single Screw 2.00" 1
    Total:  8
Single Screw 1.25" 2



At Reeves, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch die services to ensure your production runs smoothly. Our in-house die and turning department is fully equipped with the latest tools and expertise to keep your dies running at optimal speed while maintaining specifications.

50 years of experience goes into every tool that we make. Typical lead time for new tooling is 4-6 weeks and we can make modifications to existing tooling as necessary. We also clean dies after every run and then store them in designated areas.

Color Solutions


When choosing a color for your product, there are several factors to consider beyond just aesthetics. Understanding your specific needs and requirements will help us select the right compound and color solution when it comes to performance, durability, and color longevity.

We offer a wide range of color options, including pre-blended formulations and color additives, as well as matching to specific PMS colors. Whether you require a specific brand color or you have a unique color requirement, we can work with you to achieve it.

Durability and UV protection are also crucial considerations, especially for outdoor applications. By using specialized color pigments and UV-stabilized materials, we can ensure that your product maintains its vibrant color and withstands the elements for a targeted period of time.

We also have the ability to use streakers, which create a decorative or functional pattern on the surface of the product. For example, streakers can be used on decking to create a more distinct visual pattern that mimics the natural look of wood.

At every step of the process, we collaborate with you and our trusted partners to find the right color solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Value-Added Services

We aim to be a true partner for our customers, going above and beyond the basic extrusion process to provide services that will help you reduce costs, improve the functionality of your product, and simplify your supply chain.

Our in-line processing capabilities allow us to customize your products during the extrusion process, saving you time and money on additional processing costs.  The capabilities include:

  • Cutting to length
  • Embossing
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Routing
  • Sleeving

Additionally, our secondary operations services help streamline your supply chain and provide you with a one-stop-shop experience.  These services include:

  • Routing
  • CNC routing
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Distribution